Viola in Reel Life

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Publisher : HarperTeen
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ISBN : 9780061451041
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I'm marooned. Abandoned. Left to rot in boarding school . . . There are four reasons why Viola Chesterton knows she'll never survive her first year at Prefect Academy: Her parents have heartlessly dropped her there against her will She has to leave behind her Best Friend Forever And Always, Andrew . . . and replace him with three new roommates who, disturbingly, actually seem to like it there "There" is South Bend, Indiana—Sherbet-Colored Sweater Capital of the World and about as far away from her hometown of Brooklyn, New York, as you can get At least she has her video camera and her dreams of being a filmmaker to keep her busy. But boarding school, and her roommates, and even the Midwest are nothing like she thought they would be, and soon Viola realizes she may be in for the most incredible year of her life. But first she has to put the camera down and let the world in.

William Shakespeare

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Publisher : Infobase Publishing
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ISBN : 1604136316
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Presents a collection of critical essays on the comedic works of William Shakespeare.

Nabokov's Shakespeare

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Publisher : Bloomsbury Publishing USA
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ISBN : 1628923776
Pages : 224 pages
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Nabokov's Shakespeare is a comprehensive study of an important and interesting literary relationship. It explores the many and deep ways in which the works of Shakespeare, the greatest writer of the English language, penetrate the novels of Vladimir Nabokov, one of the finest English prose stylists of the twentieth century. As a Russian youth, Nabokov read all of Shakespeare, in English. He claimed a shared birthday with the Bard, and some of his most highly regarded novels (Lolita, Pale Fire and Ada) are infused with Shakespeare and Shakespeareanisms. Nabokov uses Shakespeare and Shakespeare's works in a surprisingly wide variety of ways, from the most casual references to deep thematic links. Schuman provides a taxonomy of Nabokov's Shakespeareanisms; a quantitative analysis of Shakespeare in Nabokov; an examination of Nabokov's Russian works, his early English novels, the non-novelistic writings (poetry, criticism, stories), Nabokov's major works, and his final novels; and a discussion of the nature of literary relationships and influence. With a Foreword by Brian Boyd.


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Publisher : Routledge
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ISBN : 1136559574
Pages : 208 pages
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First published in 1951. 'The book has the sterling qualities of shrewd sense and acumen that mark the 'rational' classical school of Shakespeare criticism.' Notes and Queries 'Professor Duthie's approach is direct and extremely objective. With no axe to grind, he pays impartial court to most of the great schools of Shakespearian criticism.' Cambridge Daily News 'Professor Duthie has much to say that is wise and judicious'. Times Literary Supplement. Contents include: Shakespeare's Characters and Truth to Life; Shakespeare and the Order-Disorder Antithesis; Comedy; Imaginative Interpretation and Troilus and Cressida; History; Tragedy; The Last Plays.

Labour And The Gulag

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Publisher : Biteback Publishing
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ISBN : 1785902652
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The Labour Party welcomed the Russian Revolution in 1917: it paved the way for the birth of a socialist superpower and ushered in a new era in Soviet governance. Labour excused the Bolshevik excesses and prepared for its own revolution in Britain. In 1929, Stalin deported hundreds of thousands of men, women and children to work in labour camps. Subjected to appalling treatment, thousands died. When news of the camps leaked out in Britain, there were protests demanding the government ban imports of timber cut by slave labourers. The Labour government of the day dismissed mistreatment claims as Tory propaganda and blocked appeals for an inquiry. Despite the Cabinet privately acknowledging the harsh realities of the work camps, Soviet denials were publicly repeated as fact. One Labour minister even defended them as part of 'a remarkable economic experiment'. Labour and the Gulag explains how Britain's Labour Party was seduced by the promise of a socialist utopia and enamoured of a Russian Communist system it sought to emulate. It reveals the moral compromises Labour made, and how it turned its back on the people in order to further its own political agenda.

Is This the Real Life?

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Author :
Publisher : Aurum
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ISBN : 1845136594
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Queen are unique among the great rock bands. It is nearly twenty years since frontman Freddie Mercury’s death brought the band to an end – yet their fanbase remains massive. They appeal equally to men and women. Their fans are just as likely to be teenagers too young to have been born when the band were still touring and making records (thanks not least to the huge success of the musical We Will Rock You). And their musical history is one of constant reinvention – from heavy metal and prog rock to disco pop, stadium anthems and even jazz influences. Now, Mark Blake, the experienced Mojo journalist who wrote Aurum’s bestselling book on Pink Floyd, has written the definitive history. Having already interviewed the surviving band members over the years, he has now tracked down dozens and dozens of new interviewees, from Queen’s first long-forgotten bass players to Freddie Mercury’s schoolmates in Isleworth, Middlesex, to trace Queen’s long career from their very first gawky performances in St Helens through their sensational stage-stealing appearance on Live Aid to the band’s collaboration with Paul Rodgers at the beginning of the century. Full of fascinating new revelations – especially about the improbable transformation of a shy Asian schoolboy called Bulsara into the outrageous-living hedonist that was Freddie Mercury - this is a book every Queen fan will want to have.

Objective Advanced Teacher's Book with Teacher's Resources Audio CD/CD-ROM

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Author :
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
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ISBN : 0521181739
Pages : 123 pages
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An updated and revised edition of the Objective CAE course, which prepares students for Cambridge English: Advanced, also known as Certificate in Advanced English (CAE). The syllabus for this exam has changed and this book has now been replaced by 9781107681453 Objective Advanced Fourth edition Teacher's Book with Teacher's Resources CD-ROM.

Complete Literature in English for Cambridge IGCSE® & O Level

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Publisher : Oxford University Press - Children
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ISBN : 019842826X
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Written by an examiner and subject specialist, this updated resource develops analysis and critical thinking skills, with a focus on progression and results. The accompanying support site is packed with additional content to cement exam skills and extend learning.

The Oxford Handbook of Musical Repatriation

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Author :
Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
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ISBN : 0190659807
Pages : 833 pages
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The Oxford Handbook of Musical Repatriation is a significant edited volume that critically explores issues surrounding musical repatriation, chiefly of recordings from audiovisual archives. The Handbook provides a dynamic and richly layered collection of stories and critical questions for anyone engaged or interested in repatriation or archival work. Repatriation often is overtly guided by an ethical mandate to "return" something to where it belongs, by such means as working to provide reconnection and Indigenous control and access to cultural materials. Essential as these mandates can be, this remarkable volume reveals dimensions to repatriation beyond those which can be understood as simple acts of "giving back" or returning an archive to its "homeland." Musical repatriation can entail subjective negotiations involving living subjects, intangible elements of cultural heritage, and complex histories, situated in intersecting webs of power relations and manifold other contexts. The forty-eight expert authors of this book's thirty-eight chapters engage with multifaceted aspects of musical repatriation, situating it as a concept encompassing widely ranging modes of cultural work that can be both profoundly interdisciplinary and embedded at the core of ethnographic and historical scholarship. These authors explore a rich variety of these processes' many streams, making the volume a compelling space for critical analysis of musical repatriation and its wider significance. The Handbook presents these chapters in a way that offers numerous emergent perspectives, depending on one's chosen trajectory through the volume. From retracing the paths of archived collections to exploring memory, performance, research goals, institutional power, curation, preservation, pedagogy and method, media and transmission, digital rights and access, policy and privilege, intellectual property, ideology, and the evolving institutional norms that have marked the preservation and ownership of musical archives-The Oxford Handbook of Musical Repatriation addresses these key topics and more in a deep, richly detailed, and diverse exploration.

Pearson BTEC National Applied Psychology: Book 1 Revised Edition

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Publisher : Hachette UK
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ISBN : 1398375918
Pages : 156 pages
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Publishing Spring 2022. / Both BTEC Applied Psychology Books 1 and 2 are being revised to match the revised Unit 1 and Unit 3 specifications for first teaching from September 2021. / Unit 1 - Psychological approaches and applications completely revised and updated. / Endorsed for BTEC. / Each book provides knowledge and evaluation of theories and studies combined with many engaging activities which deliver the vocational element. / Activities aim to prepare students for internal and external assessments. / The brilliant visual style and tone will encourage students through every step of the course.

Migraine in Medicine

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Publisher : Springer Nature
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ISBN : 303097359X
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This book on migraine is the first machine-generated scientific book in medicine published by Springer Nature, and reflects a new publication format which focuses on literature reviews: state-of-the-art computer algorithms were applied to select relevant sources from Springer Nature journal articles, rearrange them in a topical order, and provide short summaries of these articles. The result is the auto-summarization of current texts, organized by means of a similarity-based clustering routine in coherent chapters and sections. The human intervention of a world-renowned expert in this field grants the scientific soundness and appropriate organization of the contents identified. The AI-based approach seemed especially suitable to provide an innovative perspective as the topics are indeed both complex, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary, as is migraine, the most important among the chronic non communicable diseases under the age of 50s. The result of this innovative process will be of help especially for readers with limited time, interested in migraine and wishing to learn more about the subject quickly and particularly if they are new to the topic. Springer Nature seeks to support anyone who needs a fast and effective start in their content discovery journey: from the undergraduate student exploring interdisciplinary content, to Master or PhD-thesis developing research questions, to the practitioner seeking support materials, this book can serve as an inspiration, to name a few examples.

Studying Shakespeare

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Author :
Publisher : John Wiley & Sons
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ISBN : 0470705035
Pages : 259 pages
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This engaging book draws on all of Shakespeare's plays to show they can still be used as a guide to life. Introduces beginning students and general readers to Shakespeare's plays by highlighting the connections between the issues addressed by the plays and those of our own time. Focuses on the characters, situations and stories in Shakespeare which are still familiar today. Shows how Shakespeare's plays illustrate some of life's most familiar stories - love and obsession, parents and children, sex and politics, suffering and revenge Makes Shakespeare’s plays accessible to the widest possible audience.


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Publisher : BalboaPress
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ISBN : 9781452538884
Pages : 212 pages
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When Napoleon III’s French Army invades Mexico in 1862, so are the protagonists forced to protect and nourish themselves, excavate their true identity, and marry the paradoxical truths of past and present, masculine and feminine, lightness and darkness. Viola, a young mestizo woman, enslaved at the Hacienda Manzanilla is stifled by the oppression that envelops her in an economically and spiritually depleted Mexico post War of the Reform. A grief stricken and anxious Viola is fostered by the ancient wisdom of her grandfather, a Mayan elder who lives in a nearby indigenous village. Out of rhythm with society and her peers, Viola spends much of her time deep in contemplation either in nature or encapsulated in a world she must keep secret—her world of literacy. Viola has been taught to read at a time when education is prohibited for a woman of her social orientation. When Viola meets Octavio, the son of a decorated, deceased war hero who is bequeathed the duty of a Zapotec warrior, her fortified existence is disrupted. Their divergent ideals mingle as tension and conflict from the imminent Battle of Puebla spirals around them. They are thrust into a multidimensional journey of discovery, forgiveness, healing, love, and transformation. Indigena is a timeless story of adversity and triumph, war and peace. Grounded in factual detail and effervescent with metaphor, this story of Cinco de Mayo fuses real life historical figures with palpable fictional characters to recount the Mexican peoples’ rise from the ashes of oppression.

New Perspectives on Music and Gesture

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Author :
Publisher : Routledge
Release Date :
ISBN : 1317088212
Pages : 326 pages
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Building on the insights of the first volume on Music and Gesture (Gritten and King, Ashgate 2006), the rationale for this sequel volume is twofold: first, to clarify the way in which the subject is continuing to take shape by highlighting both central and developing trends, as well as popular and less frequent areas of investigation; second, to provide alternative and complementary insights into the particular areas of the subject articulated in the first volume. The thirteen chapters are structured in a broad narrative trajectory moving from theory to practice, embracing Western and non-Western practices, real and virtual gestures, live and recorded performances, physical and acoustic gestures, visual and auditory perception, among other themes of topical interest. The main areas of enquiry include psychobiology; perception and cognition; philosophy and semiotics; conducting; ensemble work and solo piano playing. The volume is intended to promote and stimulate further research in Musical Gesture Studies.

The Cambridge Introduction to Tom Stoppard

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Author :
Publisher : Cambridge University Press
Release Date :
ISBN : 1107021952
Pages : 179 pages
Rating : 4.1/5 (7 users)

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An engaging overview of one of the most dynamically entertaining and intellectually challenging British playwrights of the past fifty years.

How to Read Shakespeare Like a Royal (Vol 1)

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Pages : 297 pages
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The Shakespearean plays contain a stunning breadth and depth of knowledge about English history, European royal history, classical and contemporary literature, and about the complex relationships between the various royal courts of the day. Authorship by the Elizabethan Court is therefore discernible based on content alone, that is, by what the plays revealed and just as importantly, what they threatened to reveal about international royal affairs if the will of Elizabeth was not respected. One of the most significant (and surprising) functions of the plays was to act as a type of "Defense Program" for Queen Elizabeth's throne against her European rivals. However, the plays also served to instill solidarity in the members of the Elizabethan Court and to inspire the English people as well. The plays accomplished all of this without coming across as overly pedantic. They were not merely great works of literature, but a brilliant expression of Elizabethan foreign and domestic policy! The story of Shakespeare turns out to be the story of Don Juan of Austria, from his princely legitimization as a boy; to liaisons with royals ladies from his teens; to being hailed at the age of 24 as “Savior of Europe” at the Battle of Lepanto (1571); to his suppression by jealous males of the Habsburg royal family (1578); and to his rehab by Queen Elizabeth under the English identity of George Carey. As George Carey, Don Juan had been present at the christening of his true son King James in Scotland (1566) and in command of the strategic Isle of Wight during the invasion of the Spanish Armada (1588). He was intimately involved in the founding of the Shakespeare Company both before and after becoming Queen Elizabeth’s “Lord Chamberlain.” The rise, fall and rising again of this international man of mystery was the central theme of the Shakespeare plays. He and Queen Elizabeth appear again and again in the plays, and under such character names as Claudio and Isabella in Measure for Measure; Claudio and Hero in Much Ado About Nothing; Claudius and Gertrude in Hamlet; Bassanio and Portia in The Merchant of Venice; Duke Theseus and Hippolyta in A Midsummer Night’s Dream; Petruchio and Kate in The Taming of the Shrew; and even Falstaff and Mistress Quickly of the Henry IV plays. Don Juan was the love of Queen Elizabeth’s life and she found a way to keep him near. Together they not only founded the Stuart Dynasty but became the progenitors of future generations of European royalty.

William Shakespere

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Pages : 456 pages
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