Yosemite National Park Tour Guide

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Author :
Publisher : Waypoint Tours
Release Date :
ISBN : 1441493050
Pages : 68 pages
Rating : 4.4/5 (414 users)

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In Full Color! Discover the incredible highlights, history, geology & nature of Yosemite National Park with this entertaining, educational, point-by-point Waypoint Tour complete with travel expert stories, breathtaking photography & detailed tour maps.Your personal tour guide for Yosemite travel adventure!www.waypointtours.comWaypoints Include:1) Yosemite2) Bridalveil Fall W13) El Capitan & Bridalveil View V144) Sentinel Rock & Four-Mile Trail V185) Sentinel Bridge & Cooks Meadow6) Curry Village V227) Happy Isles & Waterfalls V248) Stoneman Meadow & Royal Arches V239) Yosemite Village V110) Ahwahnee Lodge11) Yosemite Falls V312) Tunnel View W213) Chinquapin W514) Glacier Point & Half Dome G1115) Wawona16) Mariposa Grove17) Tuolumne Grove18) Olmsted Point & Tenaya Lake19) Tuolumne Meadows20) Tioga Pass & Lakes21) Mirror Lake22) Hetch Hetchy Reservoir23) San Francisco24) San Francisco Wharf & Maritime Park

Yosemite National Park Tour Guide Book

Download Yosemite National Park Tour Guide Book PDF

Author :
Publisher : Lulu.com
Release Date :
ISBN : 0578013312
Pages : 68 pages
Rating : 4.5/5 (78 users)

Download Yosemite National Park Tour Guide Book Book in PDF, Epub and Kindle

Discover the incredible highlights, history, geology & nature of Yosemite National Park with this entertaining, educational, point-by-point Waypoint Tour complete with travel expert stories, breathtaking photography & detailed tour maps. Your personal tour guide for Yosemite travel adventure! www.waypointtours.com Waypoints Include: 1) Yosemite 2) Bridalveil Fall W1 3) El Capitan & Bridalveil View V14 4) Sentinel Rock & Four-Mile Trail V18 5) Sentinel Bridge & Cooks Meadow 6) Curry Village V22 7) Happy Isles & Waterfalls V24 8) Stoneman Meadow & Royal Arches V23 9) Yosemite Village V1 10) Ahwahnee Lodge 11) Yosemite Falls V3 12) Tunnel View W2 13) Chinquapin W5 14) Glacier Point & Half Dome G11 15) Wawona W10 16) Mariposa Grove S1 17) Tuolumne Grove O1 18) Olmsted Point & Tenaya Lake T24 19) Tuolumne Meadows T29 20) Tioga Pass & Lakes T39 21) Mirror Lake V26 22) Hetch Hetchy Reservoir H4 23) San Francisco 24) San Francisco Wharf & Maritime Park

Stoneman Firewoman

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Author :
Publisher : Xlibris Corporation
Release Date :
ISBN : 1453515992
Pages : 316 pages
Rating : 4.4/5 (535 users)

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The high spine of the Rocky Mountains casts its evening shadow on the town of Valier, Montana, the hometown of the author, Eugene E. Stoltz. Following the normal pattern of education in elementary and high school, Stoltz survived a sojourn at the University of Montana. The privilege of life in the Golden Triangle is a thrill in itself, and doubly so should a person prosper here. Modestly accomplished in other categories, this person thinks he can write. Let's see if he can.

Stone Man

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Author :
Publisher : Dancing Lemur Press
Release Date :
ISBN : 9781939844620
Pages : 162 pages
Rating : 4.8/5 (446 users)

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While fleeing from the soldiers who attacked their village, twelve-year-old Cherokee Tsatsi and his sister are separated from the rest of their family and encounter a monster who is not what he seems.

"The Women Will Howl"


Author :
Publisher : McFarland
Release Date :
ISBN : 1476604312
Pages : 197 pages
Rating : 4.4/5 (766 users)

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In July 1864, Union General William T. Sherman ordered the arrest and deportation of more than 400 women and children from the villages of Roswell and New Manchester, Georgia. Branded as traitors for their work in the cotton mills that supplied much needed material to the Confederacy, these civilians were shipped to cities in the North (already crowded with refugees) and left to fend for themselves. This work details the little known story of the hardships these women and children endured before and--most especially--after they were forcibly taken from their homes. Beginning with the founding of Roswell, it examines the pre-Civil War circumstances that created this class of women. The main focus is on what befell the women at the hands of Sherman's army and what they faced once they reached such states as Illinois and Indiana. An appendix details the roll of political prisoners from Sweetwater (New Manchester).

Powder Springs

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Author :
Publisher : Arcadia Publishing
Release Date :
ISBN : 9780738517230
Pages : 134 pages
Rating : 4.5/5 (172 users)

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The City of Powder Springs, Georgia, was originally incorporated as Springville in 1838 in the lands of two Cherokee Indian chiefs. The town's name was changed to Powder Springs in 1859, and it has known many roles since then: resort and health spa, Civil War encampment, railroad town, and agricultural center. Past residents include a lively cast of characters including Confederate spies, businessmen, school children, ladies of leisure, ministers, and moonshiners. Celebrating the everyday folk as well as the gentry, the photographs within this volume--depicting families, churches, sports teams, and downtown businesses--reveal a close-knit town of hard-working.

Seven Cherokee Myths

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Author :
Publisher : McFarland
Release Date :
ISBN : 1476604029
Pages : 216 pages
Rating : 4.4/5 (766 users)

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Like ancient peoples the world over, the Cherokees of the southern Appalachian Mountains passed along their traditions and beliefs through stories, songs, dances, and religious and healing rituals. With the creation of Cherokee writing by Sequoyah, some of the traditions were also recorded in books. While evoking local geography and natural phenomena, the stories were also enhanced by powerful psychological and spiritual dynamics. This work examines seven myths that grew out of Cherokee culture, looking at how they emerged to explain archetypal issues. Each of the seven stories is told in full and is followed by a detailed history and analysis that provides its background, its associated rituals, and its psychological basis. One quickly discovers that while the myths are ancient, they are strikingly modern in their understanding of human personality development, family dynamics, community solidarity, and the reality of religion or spirituality. Grounded in the experience of this American Indian people and the land they inhabited, the myths tell universal truths. Instructors considering this book for use in a course may request an examination copy here.

Native Women and Land

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Author :
Publisher : UNM Press
Release Date :
ISBN : 0826355587
Pages : 178 pages
Rating : 4.8/5 (263 users)

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“What roles do literary and community texts and social media play in the memory, politics, and lived experience of those dispossessed?” Fitzgerald asks this question in her introduction and sets out to answer it in her study of literature and social media by (primarily) Native women who are writing about and often actively protesting against displacement caused both by forced relocation and environmental disaster. By examining a range of diverse materials, including the writings of canonical Native American writers such as Louise Erdrich, Linda Hogan, and Elizabeth Cook-Lynn, and social media sites such as YouTube and Facebook, this work brings new focus to analyzing how indigenous communities and authors relate to land, while also exploring broader connections to literary criticism, environmental history and justice, ecocriticism, feminist studies, and new media studies.

Cherokee Women in Charge

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Author :
Publisher : McFarland
Release Date :
ISBN : 1476688184
Pages : 246 pages
Rating : 4.4/5 (766 users)

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Cherokee women wielded significant power, and history demonstrates that in what is now America, indigenous women often bore the greater workload, both inside and outside the home. During the French and Indian War, Cherokee women resisted a chief's authority, owned family households, were skilled artisans, produced plentiful crops, mastered trade negotiations, and prepared chiefs' feasts. Cherokee culture was lost when the Cherokee Nation began imitating the American form of governance to gain political favor, and white colonists reduced indigenous women's power. This book recounts long-standing Cherokee traditions and their rich histories. It demonstrates Cherokee and indigenous women as independent and strong individuals through feminist and historical perspectives. Readers will find that these women were far ahead of their time and held their own in many remarkable ways.

Blue Ridge Folklife

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Author :
Publisher : Univ. Press of Mississippi
Release Date :
ISBN : 9781604739022
Pages : 228 pages
Rating : 4.7/5 (39 users)

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An appreciation of the rich and distinctive folklife in one of the earliest settled regions in southern Appalachia

Eastern Cherokee Stories

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Author :
Publisher : University of Oklahoma Press
Release Date :
ISBN : 0806165847
Pages : 319 pages
Rating : 4.8/5 (61 users)

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“Throughout our Cherokee history,” writes Joyce Dugan, former principal chief of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, “our ancient stories have been the essence of who we are.” These traditional stories embody the Cherokee concepts of Gadugi, working together for the good of all, and Duyvkta, walking the right path, and teach listeners how to understand and live in the world with reverence for all living things. In Eastern Cherokee Stories, Sandra Muse Isaacs uses the concepts of Gadugi and Duyvkta to explore the Eastern Cherokee oral tradition, and to explain how storytelling in this tradition—as both an ancient and a contemporary literary form—is instrumental in the perpetuation of Cherokee identity and culture. Muse Isaacs worked among the Eastern Cherokees of North Carolina, recording stories and documenting storytelling practices and examining the Eastern Cherokee oral tradition as both an ancient and contemporary literary form. For the descendants of those Cherokees who evaded forced removal by the U.S. government in the 1830s, storytelling has been a vital tool of survival and resistance—and as Muse Isaacs shows us, this remains true today, as storytelling plays a powerful role in motivating and educating tribal members and others about contemporary issues such as land reclamation, cultural regeneration, and language revitalization. The stories collected and analyzed in this volume range from tales of creation and origins that tell about the natural world around the homeland, to post-Removal stories that often employ Native humor to present the Cherokee side of history to Cherokee and non-Cherokee alike. The persistence of this living oral tradition as a means to promote nationhood and tribal sovereignty, to revitalize culture and language, and to present the Indigenous view of history and the land bears testimony to the tenacity and resilience of the Cherokee people, the Ani-Giduwah.

Guide to the Blue Ridge Parkway

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Author :
Publisher : Menasha Ridge Press
Release Date :
ISBN : 0897329082
Pages : 163 pages
Rating : 4.8/5 (973 users)

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Flowing among the beautiful mountains and valleys of Virginia and North Carolina, the 469-mile-long Blue Ridge Parkway is a true American jewel. Built to expose motorists to nature as well as to preserve its beauty, the Parkway still delivers unrivaled beauty today. Guide to the Blue Ridge Parkway is filled with information useful to those traveling the Parkway and is detailed with color photographs throughout. It highlights the many significant points of interest located on and nearby the Parkway, including Mount Mitchell, the highest point east of the Mississippi, Moses H. Cone Memorial Park, and Mabry Mill, one of the most photographed sites on the Parkway. Also noted are locations of overlooks, waterfalls, and tunnels as well as key entry and exit points along the Parkway. The guide features a brief history of the Parkway itself, a look at the surrounding geology and human history of the area, and an extensive wildflower bloom calendar. The book is organized mile-post to mile-post, appropriate for travelers who are driving the entire Blue Ridge Parkway or only a small section.

The United States Army

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Author :
Publisher : ABC-CLIO
Release Date :
ISBN : 1598843443
Pages : 385 pages
Rating : 4.5/5 (988 users)

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In a basic chronological format anchored to specific dates, The United States Army reports on all significant military engagements--major conflicts and isolated actions--but goes well beyond the battlefield to include significant political and administrative changes affecting the military, notable events in the careers of generals and soldiers, significant military texts, the foundation of noted schools of instruction, and military minutae such as pay scales and creation of a general staff. --from publisher description

Atlas of the Civil War

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Author :
Publisher : Oxford University Press
Release Date :
ISBN : 0195221311
Pages : 402 pages
Rating : 4.1/5 (952 users)

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From two esteemed Civil War historians comes an unparalleled portrait of the war that altered the foundation of America. Pithy text is accented by black and white photography and illustrations that bring key characters and settings to life.

An Archaeological Evolution

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Author :
Publisher : Springer Science & Business Media
Release Date :
ISBN : 0387234047
Pages : 418 pages
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This fascinating and revealing book charts the life of one of the greatest living archaeologists. Stanley South has been a leading figure not only in historical but also in anthropological archaeology. His personal perseverance in field of archaeology has also been an inspiration to new and upcoming archaeologists and anthropologists. This is his memoir, played out among some of the most important debates and movements in archaeology since the 1960s.

Tales from the North and the South

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Author :
Publisher : McFarland
Release Date :
ISBN : 0786428708
Pages : 385 pages
Rating : 4.7/5 (864 users)

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In June 1862, James J. Archer was promoted to the rank of brigadier general by Robert E. Lee. Serving with distinction in prominent battles such as those at Bull Run, Chancellorsville and Harpers Ferry, this lawyer-turned-general earned not only the respect of his superiors but the esteem and admiration of his men. Imprisoned first at Fort Delaware and then at Johnson's Island, Archer was one of the "First Fifty" (and as it turned out only) officers to be part of a Confederate/Union prisoner exchange. Upon returning to the Confederacy, Archer resumed command and served until his death from battle wounds in October 1864. From doctors to lawyers and privates to generals, this volume records the stories of a few special people--such as General James Archer--who chose to serve their country during the Civil War. Twenty-four individuals from both sides of the Mason-Dixon line are remembered for their extraordinary and often little known contributions to the Confederate and Union causes. These include Colonel Thomas Rose, who was in charge of the Libby Prison tunnel; Colonel John R. Winston, who was one of the few to escape from the Federal prison on Johnson's Island; Sally Tompkins, who ran a private hospital in Richmond; and Sergeant Richard Kirkland, who risked his life to take water to the Federal troops at Fredericksburg. Other featured individuals include Susie Baker King Taylor, Colonel Hector McKethan, Dr. Mary Walker and Richard Thomas Zarvona. Contemporary sources include a variety of correspondence and diaries from these subjects and those who knew them. Appendices contain a roll of participants in the Great Locomotive Chase; a list of Federal prisoners who escaped through the Libby Prison tunnel; a directory of Confederate officers on board the Maple Leaf; and the history of the Congressional Medal of Honor and the Confederate Roll of Honor. A number of contemporary photographs are also included.

Moon Route 66 Road Trip

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Author :
Publisher : Hachette UK
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ISBN : 1631210726
Pages : 637 pages
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Hit the Road with Moon Travel Guides! Moon Route 66 Road Trip reveals the best of this iconic highway, from sweeping prairies and red rock mountains to the glittering Pacific. Inside you'll find: Maps and Driving Tools: 37 easy-to-use maps keep you oriented on and off the highway, along with site-to-site mileage, driving times, and detailed directions for the entire route Eat, Sleep, Stop and Explore: You'll know exactly what you want to do at each stop with lists of the best hikes, views, and more. Wander transcendent landscapes like Acoma Pueblo or Joshua tree. Immerse yourself in classic Americana with roadside attractions, outsider art, and kitsch masterpieces. Explore metropolitan icons like Los Angeles or Chicago, or stop for a drink at an authentic soda fountain Itineraries for Every Traveler: Drive the entire original route in two weeks, or follow strategic routes for one- to two-days in Chicago, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Santa Fe, and the Grand Canyon, plus side trips to Taos, Las Vegas, Joshua Tree, and Santa Monica Expert Perspective: Historian and Route 66 connoisseur Candacy Taylor provides critical insight into the history of the "Mother Road," including the women of Route 66, car culture, and the untold stories of the Green Book, which enabled African Americans to travel west safely Planning Your Trip: Know when and where to get gas, how to avoid traffic, tips for driving in different road and weather conditions, and suggestions for LGBTQ travelers, seniors, and road trippers with kids With Moon Route 66 Road Trip's practical tips, detailed itineraries, and insider's view, you're ready to fill up the tank and hit the road. Looking to explore more of America on wheels? Try Moon California Road Trip! Doing more than driving through? Check out Moon Grand Canyon, Moon New Mexico, or Moon Utah.